"Jim not only helped me get set up with a credit card payment system for my new business, he even helped me brainstorm marketing ideas! The application process was easy; but he made sure I fully understood everything before signing on the dotted line...nothing hidden and no surprises – I like that! Not only am I happy with my rates; but he’s always available for questions even now that you have my account!"

James S., Marion, IN 

"I was skeptical when Jim [Certified Merchant Advisor], an occasional patron at my restaurant, first approached me about analyzing my current merchant services account to ensure I was getting the best rate possible. But when he taught me more about merchant services in ten minutes than had been explained to me by my previous providers in all my previous years of business combined, I started to listen! Jim showed me where I had been paying unnecessary and inflated fees. He also told me about a program that is going to help me build my existing customer base. I feel so much more at ease knowing I am with a company that cares...not just about getting my business, but about helping my business succeed."

Paula M., Marion, IN 

"Since our business is a non-traditional one we needed to work with someone who understood our unique needs. We started our business relationship with you in 2000. As our company continues to grow, we turn to our Jim for advice in how to set up our methods of accepting cards that are not going to violate any of the rules and regulations. Jim’s advice has paid off in more ways than one. There are a lot of companies out there that make promises about what they can do just to get your business; but Jim does what he promises – and more. We have referred many of our clients to you over the years and will continue to do so. We have never considered working with anyone else. Business relationships that have lasted as long as ours has are few and far between."

Jennifer S., Jacksonville, FL 

"I spoke with quite a few of your competitors before I met Jim at a seminar. His knowledge and attention to detail made me feel comfortable right from the start. He made the application process as uncomplicated as possible. He kept me in the loop throughout the process and gave me peace of mind. I am setting up my third business and Jim is one of the first people I will be calling."

Alan C., Springfield, OH 

"When our non-profit organization decided to begin accepting credit card online donations, I contacted Jim for information about our options. We met in person with our Executive Director and myself and showed us all the programs designed specifically for non-profit organizations. He walked us through the simple application process; and Jim even donated the online gateway to help us get started! We can't thank you enough for paving this new avenue of revenue for our cause!"

Jerry Whitton, Habitat for Humanity of Grant County, IN 

Being a new restaurant owner, I needed guidance through the merchant services sign-up process. Not only did Jim meet with me in person, he has been on call ever since for those rare occasions we have had any questions or issues. One evening we had an issue with our terminal; and he drove an hour to replace it personally THAT SAME NIGHT. It is a relief to know that our financial transactions are in such caring, capable hands with Jim."

Skip L, Alexandria, IN 

"When I received your mailer about the EMV chip compliance deadline, I was stunned that my existing provider hadn’t bothered to inform me about it. I first called my own merchant services provider to ask about it. When I got no answers, I called Jim. He helped me to understand the new regulation and how it impacted my company. When he showed me that I could get lower rates than what my existing provider was charging, my decision to switch was a no-brainer. I have never regretted my decision because you take such good care of us and always keep us informed. I highly recommend Jim to any company that wants fast personal service and lower rates."

Fred D., Anderson, IN


"I wanted to personally thank Jim for the no-pressure way of explaining the different rates and fees in our merchant services provider search. I know there are a lot of people out there that offer merchant services; but his professionalism and timeliness was very important in selecting him to be our merchant services professional. He even helped one of my partners transact our first sale step by step - - personally! Another business practice I appreciate very much. It's also nice to pick up the phone and speak to him in person without having to navigate a maze of phone instructions."

Mark G., Merced, CA 

I think that you provide a great service and are extremely professional in what you do. In fact, I’d like to get together for a beer the next time Jim is in our neck of the woods! Since we are both prior military, I’ll bet we have some interesting war stories to swap! In all seriousness, it is my pleasure to work with someone of his caliber, In fact, my next referral to you will be my son!"

Chuck D., Berkeley, CA 

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