"Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." – Winston Churchill

The very act of starting a business or being your own boss is inherently risky. Yet every year, thousands are willing to take that risk because of the potential rewards of building something greater than yourself, of providing a new product or service that fills a true consumer or business need, and of being responsible for your own destiny.

Unfortunately, opportunities don't come with instructions, and you won't see a big red flag when faced with a new product idea or an offer to partner. It would be nice if risks came with a warning label, but they don't. You need trustworthy sources of information about all aspects of operating a successful business.

Since our humble beginnings in 1992, Goodpaster Merchant Solutions has fulfilled the merchant solutions needs of thousands of new and small businesses. With many years of experience growing our own business, we understand what it takes to get a new business started and maintain it successfully.

At Goodpaster Merchant Solutions we've learned that an important component of our relationship with you and your success as a new or small business revolves around the level of information available to you. We listen, ask questions, and then tailor a specific program to provide you with solutions to maximize cash flow while minimizing upfront and monthly costs.

Products and Services

Designed to enhance sales, reduce costs, increase traffic, or save you time, our merchant solutions are among the best in the business.

Our full suite of customizable merchant solutions applies to nearly every new and small business imaginable, whether e-commerce, retail, medical, professional, B2B, and more. With the right hardware, software, online solutions, and additional value-added products, your new business will be on the right track from the very beginning.

Additional Services

We also provide the following beneficial services:

Educational Information

Check out our Industry Terms, Merchant Glossary, and FAQ.

Your Partner in Business

At Goodpaster Merchant Solutions we not only care about your new or small business endeavor from a merchant solutions viewpoint but also from the viewpoint of owning a business. If at any time you want a fresh set of eyes or a brainstorming partner, we would count it as a privilege and an honor to do so.

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One of the most important decisions a new or small business owner can make is choosing the right merchant solutions organization to work with. Your success is our number-one priority. Please contact us here or call us at 765-662-1554 today.