If you have had trouble setting up a merchant account in the past or feel you are being taken advantage of when you look at dollar amount you pay for merchant services, Goodpaster Merchant Solutions is here to help. Many of our clients fell into this category.

First and foremost, it is important to understand what makes it hard for some businesses in terms of credit card acceptance. Goodpaster Merchant Solutions provides our merchants with excellent tools, education, and risk-preventative techniques. In most cases the ability to accept credit cards is the lifeline of that business. With over 25 years of experience, we have enabled literally thousands of businesses that fit in this category to accept credit/debit payments along with other merchant solutions. Goodpaster Merchant Solutions works hand-in-hand with underwriters, risk managers, and customer service.

Businesses that suffer too many chargebacks, refunds, fraudulent transactions, and other forms of merchant victimization can find themselves quickly without the privilege of accepting credit cards. Unscrupulous consumers and other forms of fraud, if undetected or improperly handled, can destroy a good business. At Goodpaster Merchant Solutions it is our mandate to give you the appropriate tools and systems and to teach you how to preserve your merchant account privileges for the life of your business.

Goodpaster Merchant Solutions makes this promise.

We won't sugarcoat your situation; we'll tell you how it is and everything you need to do to secure a long-term, prosperous relationship with us or any merchant service provider. Since 1992 we have served our fair share of clients who have nontraditional businesses, many of whom are still our clients after 10-plus years. Goodpaster Merchant Solutions has the experience you need to assist you through the most of trying times. Read what our clients say about us.

Our solutions include domestic and international processing, online and recurring billing solutions, fraud prevention tools, select nation blocks, eChecks and electronic funds transfer.

We also provide the following beneficial services:

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If you feel you fall into the category we described above, finding merchant solutions that fit with your type of business, not to mention finding a company that will work with you fairly, is extremely important to the success and strengthening of your business. This is where Goodpaster Merchant Solutions thrives. Please contact us here or call us at 765-662-1554 to find out how we can serve you.