Our credit card processing solutions are suitable for all types of businesses, including medical, dental, retail, e-commerce, restaurant, B2B, home-based, service, and more.

Whether your business needs a simple, low-cost merchant solution to accept credit cards on occasion or a complete, integrated credit card processing solution to run a business with hundreds of locations, Goodpaster Merchant Solutions can provide the best solution for your needs.

With Goodpaster Merchant Solutions, you will be able to accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. You will also have access to all the major debit networks—Interlink, Star, Maestro, NYCE and more—ensuring you will be prepared to take any card at any time.

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Naturally, Goodpaster Merchant Solutions assists you with payment processing for businesses across the United States. We help every kind of industry with merchant solutions. Some of the payment processing solutions we assist with include:


Through a select group of processing and banker partnerships globally, Goodpaster Merchant Solutions is able to assist you with international payment processing for many types of businesses located outside the United States. We can assist you with credit card and debit card transaction settlement in more than a dozen currencies with accurate and timely conversions.

Solutions for Nearly Every Business

Assisting with merchant services in some cases can be "risky business" for credit card processing companies. For nearly every business type today, we have a solution.

Our mission at Goodpaster Merchant Solutions is to give you the appropriate tools and systems and to teach you how to preserve your merchant account privileges for the life of your business.

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