The key to successful hospitality transactions lies in a couple significant factors: 1) integrating properly with your hospitality POS (point-of-sale) solution, and 2) ensuring your account is set up correctly so the lowest possible interchange rates are applied. These factors may not seem too significant, but if they are not handled correctly, your hospitality business could incur thousands of dollars in additional costs each year.

Hospitality Solutions

Goodpaster Merchant Solutions has over 25 years of experience and depth of knowledge to handle your hospitality transaction processing needs.

Additional solutions for lodging include:

  • • Special check guarantee for lodging (link to Check Acceptance tab)
  • • Lodging POS solutions
  • • Gift and loyalty cards (link to Gift and Loyalty tab)
  • • Online transaction processing (link to Virtual tab)

We also provide the following beneficial services:

  • • Business financing solutions (link to tab)
  • • Merchant cash advance on future credit card processing (link to tab)

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