Goodpaster Merchant Solutions understands and caters to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. From donated gateways to special pricing to our zero-cost revenue generating program, we've got you covered!

Referral Rewards Participation Program

Goodpaster Merchant Solutions offers a unique, zero-cost program for nonprofit organizations to receive a monthly revenue stream!

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Nonprofit Services

Goodpaster Merchant Solutions offers many special benefits for nonprofit organizations – just like yours -- to help you reach your goals. We understand the nonprofit model is different from business models, and our specialized solutions reflect this. Some of the nonprofit merchant solutions we offer include:

  • • Donated online payment gateway
  • • Special pricing
  • • Recurring payment (donation) solutions
  • • Web development and hosting
  • • Merchant/community transaction contributions
  • • Zero-cost recurring monthly revenue program

Nonprofit Types

Here is just a partial list of the types of nonprofits we serve:

  • • Churches
  • • Schools
  • • Charities
  • • Medical research foundations
  • • Religious organizations
  • • Hospitals
  • • Libraries
  • • Trade associations
  • • Community organizations
  • • Political action committees
  • • Societies
  • • Awareness organizations


  • • Multiple payment methods
  •      o Traditional processing
  •      o Convenience fee processing
  •      o Service fee processing (zero-cost processing option available)
  • • Easy-to-integrate solutions
  • • Master logins
  • • Custom/aggregate reporting
  • • Next-day funding/custom settlement times
  • • Real-time reporting
  • • Card present solutions
  • • Custom settlement times
  • • Payment wizard
  • • Terminal integrations

Contact Goodpaster Merchant Solutions Today

By serving the needs of the community, nonprofit organizations nationwide are at the heart of what makes our country great. Here at Goodpaster Merchant Solutions, we strive to provide nonprofits with all the merchant solutions they need…and then some! Please contact us here or call us at 765-662-1554 to find out if Goodpaster Merchant Solutions is a fit for you!