Who are we, and what do we do?

We are a USA-based, Midwest-friendly merchant solutions company. We connect business, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations to discounted merchant solutions such as: credit/debit card processing and equipment, business products and services, nonprofit financial support, and creative financing options. We've been doing what we do for over 25 years, so we know how important it is to you to have seamless service, fair rates and fees, honesty, and loyalty. Where others sign you up with empty promises and move on, we keep our promises and take GOOD care of you, for life! But don't take our word for it. Read what some of our clients have to say and let us get started taking care of you the best you've ever been taken care of in this industry, TODAY.

Our Story

Jim Goodpaster's heart for serving others is the legacy of his father, Harold Goodpaster, who worked full-time in an Indiana steel factory providing for his family while scrimping to save and start his own steel company. The hard work eventually paid off and his father co-founded Grant County Steel in 1980. That company still thrives today in Marion, Indiana. His father's example of service was ingrained in Jim; and after graduating college as a young man, he dedicated ten years to serving in the United States Air Force.

In 1990, Jim and a friend started a home-based business selling a software program that had great potential; but they were denied credit card payment processing services because the business did not have a physical "bricks-and-mortar" location. With the inability to accept credit card payments, their online business never got off the ground.

Two years later, the 1992 military personnel reduction ended the careers of over 250,000 US troops; and Jim's military career was one of them. Perhaps by Providence, Jim came upon an opportunity to work as an independent sales agent with a startup merchant services company -- in the very industry that had prevented his entrepreneurial dream from becoming reality. He joined that company with a promise to himself: he would use his work in the field to help every entrepreneur he met make their dream a reality.

Word about Jim's passion and gift for serving others spread, and he soon had clients across the country. His service to others brought him full circle and, following in his father's footsteps, he launched his own merchant solutions company, known today as Goodpaster Merchant Solutions.

Jim is known in his hometown of Marion, Indiana for his volunteer mentoring of local business owners and his leadership to other mentors. He is also an active supporter of both the Marion-Grant County and Gas City Chambers of Commerce.

Jim and the love of his life, Tina, enjoy a simple but full life of getting together with friends and family, serving in their church and community, and the occasional travel adventure. Jim is a proud Papaw and enjoys educating his grandchildren about the important things in life such as every Scooby-doo show ever made and how to give silly answers to the eternal question "Why?" Jim knows his way around the kitchen, too: Tina refers to him as her "Soup King", while his Peanut Butter Pie is a mandated toll into family gatherings and other social events. He is currently writing a novel based on his seven years in the paranormal investigation field, during which he trained other investigators, earned awards, and was credited in the documentary "The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm".

Jim's 25-plus years' merchant solutions expertise, dedication to helping others succeed, and down-to-earth character is what you get when you reach out to Goodpaster Merchant Solutions. Get started today!