Counter Top/Pin Pad

We offer various Dejavoo and Verifone terminals with IP / Dial Up / WIFI Touch Screen options. Internal or external pin pads are available based upon on the terminal specifications.


We offer the Verifone Vx680 (sim card included) for merchants on the move, from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers to tradeshow vendors. Process on-the-spot transactions with minimal consumer waiting time.

Virtual / Gateways

All our virtual / gateway systems are an ECI Certified, Real-Time, Credit Card Processing Gateway. Secure, fast and reliable, our systems are vital to helping you process credit card transactions online from anywhere in the world. Simply connect a card reader to your computer and you will be ready to swipe cards through your virtual gateway. You can also add electronic check payment processing as well as our many other payment processing options.

Mobile Devices

Built with performance and durability in mind, the easy-swipe design makes it simple for any merchant to quickly swipe credit cards without any special maneuvers or handling procedures. The sleek design of our devices makes attachment to your device in any environment possible, without added weight or discomfort. Our devices are compatible with a wide range of cell phone models. Call us today for your choice of mobile options!

POS Systems

We offer several Verifone consumer-facing point-of-sale systems that are as versatile as they are performance-oriented. An industry leading color display ideal for promotional and interactive customer applications is combined with a tactile keypad and large signature capture area to speed customers through your checkout lane.

Learn about avoiding POS mistakes. (link to avoiding POS mistakes page)

Check Acceptance

We provide a wide range of Magtek, RDM, and Mini MICR check readers and imagers. Designed for ease-of-use and optimum functionality for any retail environment, they easily connect to your terminal, POS system, and computer, enabling you to accept checks as payments for your goods and services.

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